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Price List for Oil Painting Cleaning, Restoration & Repair

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Oil painting cleaned, hole fixed.

Oil Painting Cleaning & Restoration Costs:


Most jobs range from $500- $2,500,

depending on the amount of restoration involved

and the size of the painting.


For example, an 8" x 10" painting with a small hole
could be cleaned, repaired and varnished for $500; 

A 30" x 40" portrait with a rip and missing paint
may cost $2,000 or more.


Basic Services:


There's a $500 minimum.


Simple cleaning, varnish removal & re-varnishing

$1 per square inch.


Relining onto new canvas or panel 

$1 per square inch.


Retouching/restoration/repair work

per estimate.



Yellowed varnish and years of smoke

were cleaned from this antique painting.

We Do Nation-Wide Painting Repair


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Ordering and Shipping Instructions

18th century oil painting of Cupid, before and after restoration.

Rips and holes were repaired to bring this antique oil painting back to life.

Rips and holes were repaired to bring this antique oil painting back to life.

Peeling, chipping and missing paint was stabilized and restored.

19th Century oil painting cleaned & varnished.

19th Century oil portrait lined to stabilize it, cleaned & repaired.

This large oil painting with rips and holes was cleaned and restored.

working on an oil painting restoration

Detail of an antique painting in the process of

being cleaned.

Clean paintings

Remove the effects of smoke damage,

water damage, mold and darkened varnish.

Restore colors

Oil paint oxidizes when it dries, and becomes dull over time.

This is especially evident in paintings which have never been varnished. Cleaning and nourishing the paint surface, followed by varnishing, can restore the colors to reflect the artist's original vision.


Fix holes and scratches in paintings

Canvas repair and reweaving;

gouges in panels repaired and repainted.

Replace lost and damaged paint

Professional color matching, inpainting and retouching.

Varnish paintings

Non-yellowing protective varnish with UV light filtering qualities provides maximum  surface protection.

Stabilize paintings: Reline paintings

Fragile canvasses can be mounted on a variety of new surfaces including linen, canvas and hardboards.  Relining stabilizes the painting and relaxes the paint film.  It also retards the progression of stress cracks and other damage caused by uneven tension, flexing and mishandling.

Insurance claim estimates

We are glad to provide repair estimates for insurance claims.


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